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Must Love Catholics is a show dedicated to single Catholics and our sometimes tumultuous, but often hilarious and fun, path to the altar. Dating ain’t easy, and neither is just existing in today’s secular world as a single person with purpose. Whether you are currently looking for a spouse, or are enjoying life as a single Catholic, MLC’s hosts Erik and Catherine have been there, have contemplated heavily, and are ready to share their various nuggets of wisdom with you.

Erik Washam

Erik Washam is a graphic designer, writer and revert to the faith. He loves Pulp Fiction, old movies, and old-school manliness (and makes no excuses for any of it). In his spare time he daydreams about the paintings he will complete when he has more spare time. After holding onto singlehood until his forties and then spending half a decade on a handful of dating sites, he finally met his wife on CatholicMatch where he also writes on single life, dating, and marriage from a man’s perspective. He is currently reverse-engineering his experience to figure out just how that happened.

Catherine Frank is a librarian, a musician, and an all around fantastic human being. She is perpetually single and would often rather speak to dogs than humans – these two things might be related. As a resident expert on being single and Catholic, Catherine writes helpful articles offering frank (oh yes we did) advice and support for the CatholicMatch Institute. When not answering reference questions or singing in her church choir, she can be found making cupcakes with her niece and nephews and/or making believe she’s going for a jog.

catherine frank

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